Ethan Boisvert & Mark K. St. Mary at Gallery 195

March 19 to June 14, 2013

Ethan Boisvert

Mark K. St. Mary

The Arts Council of Greater New Haven presents an exhibition of paintings by Connecticut artists Ethan Boisvert and Mark K. St. Mary at Gallery 195 at First Niagara Bank, 195 Church St., 4th floor, New Haven. The exhibition will be on display during bank hours from March 19 through June 14, 2013. An artists’ reception is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23, from 5 to 7 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

Ethan Boisvert and Mark K. St. Mary are both obsessed with colorful patterns and layered patinas rich with memories, yet each artist achieved this quality in their artwork through a different lens: Mark literally through the camera lens and Ethan, through a heavily built up painted canvas. St Mark, using light, shadow and color, reframes recognizable places into abstract environments; seen together, these artists create abstractions that suggest both micro and macro universes.

Boisvert builds his canvas surface from densely layered, broad gestural marks – brushed and stamped – building a history of the artist’s process in each painting. Borrowing from a rich tradition of abstraction, he reworks his canvases to reach what he considers “equilibrium.”

“In my painting, I take a 21st century approach, an appropriation of styles created by the 20th century avant-garde. One could say that I sample or loosely appropriate purified styles and combine them into new works – a synthesizer if you will,” Boisvert explains in his artist statement at

Mark K. St. Mary is a photographer who also has formal training in horticultural design and holds a Masters in biology. In addition, he is a professional landscaper and carpenter whose other means of artistic expression are restoring period houses and designing and building custom furniture. An avid amateur photographer for 36 years, St. Mary began exhibiting work in 2007.

“My work is a visual representation of my emotional connection to elements of the environment. I strive to create a sense of presence, capturing a mood through the intersection of light, form and color… It has more to do with the value of light and shadow than with the actual subject—allowing the subject to acquire a grace unavailable in context so that the subject becomes irrelevant,” St. Mary explains in an artist statement on his website,

For more information about this exhibition and Gallery 195 at First Niagara Bank, please call the Arts Council at (203) 772-2788.

Gallery 195, a gallery exhibit in partnership with the Arts Council of Greater New Haven and First Niagara, is located at 195 Church Street (across from the New Haven Green) on the fourth floor. Two-person exhibitions are mounted quarterly and are coordinated by the Arts Council.

Artists’ Opportunity
If you would like to be considered for a two-person exhibition at Gallery 195, please send images, résumé and bio to: Arts Council of Greater New Haven, 70 Audubon Street, New Haven, CT 06510. For more information, call Debbie Hesse at 203-772-2788 or email dhesse [at]

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