Gordon Skinner, Painter

Gordon Skinner, Painter Photo by Chris Randall

Gordon Skinner, Painter
Photo by Chris Randall

Gordon Skinner is an artist based in the Greater New Haven area in Connecticut. He identifies his style of art as “Integrity Art” defined simply as “Art that is real and honest and that promotes creative consistency”. His work explores the ideas of identity, individuality, giving a voice to the voiceless and often forgotten, or as he called it: Art for the people. Skinner’s work has been exhibited throughout galleries in Connecticut and NYC including the international Outsider Art Fair in NYC and a number of solo exhibitions including Yale University’s Afro-American Cultural Center Gallery. The listing to his first solo exhibition was a featured listing in New York Times print edition. His work has been published as the cover for Fairfield University’s annual literary journal “Dogwood Journal” as well as the cover story for Yale University’s The New Journal. In addition to being the subject of a short documentary on his art titled “Stolen I.D., Fragmented, Colonized and Lost”, Skinner was commissioned to create a painting that is used for the documentary film “The Invisible Ones”, directed by an Emmy award winning filmmaker. Skinner’s artwork is archived at Vanderbilt University for research and art history and has many original works in private collections.

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