State Funding Update

The state began its new fiscal year on July 1 without a biennial budget for FY18-19. We are closely watching as the details emerge but want to remind arts organizations that this may delay the process for upcoming grant programs at the Office of the Arts. Please continue to tell our elected officials that arts funding is a priority for you they head into special session to approve the budget.

One exciting piece of news is that Governor Malloy singed legislation (HB 7226) last week that nearly doubles the annual distribution of the Connecticut Arts Endowment Fund (CAEF) starting this year. This is a smart investment in our creative sector with a neutral impact our state budget today. Furthermore, this stable operating support will allow arts organizations to experiment, engage, expand, and, ultimately, energize our statewide economy. The deadline to apply for CAEF funding is Friday, December 15. Learn more >>

Special thanks to Kristina Newman Scott, Director of Culture at the Office of the Arts; Catherine Smith, Commissioner at Department of Economic and Community Development; and co-sponsors Rep. Patricia A. Dillon, Rep. Matthew Ritter, Rep. Livvy R. Floren, Rep. Terry B. Adams, Sen. Paul R. Doyle, and Rep. Hilda E. Santiago for championing this change!

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