Staff & Board of Directors


Daniel Fitzmaurice, Executive Director 203-772-2788 x24 daniel [at]

Jennifer Gelband, Marketing Director,  203-772-2788 x23 jennifer [at]

Lucy Gellman, Editor 203-772-2788 lucy [at]

Megan Manton, Development Director 203-772-2788 x15 megan [at]

Winter Marshall, Operations Director 203 772-2788 x10 winter [at]

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President Rick Wies

Vice President Wojtek Borowski

Vice President Daisy Abreu

Treasurer Greg Marazita

Secretary Mark Potocsny

Directors Darice Gall, James Gregg, Todd Jokl, Mark Kaduboski, Rachel Mele, Frank Mitchell, Greg Nobile, Eileen O’Donnell, Babz Rawls Ivy, Caroline Smith, Ken Spitzbard, Genevive Walker

Honorary Members Frances T. “Bitsie” Clark, Cheever Tyler