Talking Points for Arts Advocacy

The arts make Connecticut a more vibrant place to live and work, providing abundant opportunities for enjoyment and education.   The state’s world-class theaters, museums, concerts and festivals lure visitors to our state.

From the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism’s 2006 Economic Impact Study:

Arts  = Jobs
The arts employ over 27,000 people in Connecticut; the arts industry supports over 44,000 jobs statewide.

The arts benefit the Economy
The arts generate over $3.8 billion in gross state product annually, including $2.6 billion in personal income.

State arts funding is a good investment
State funding for the arts (grants to arts organizations and artists) is matched by private sector contributions at the rate of $11 for every dollar spent by the state.

The arts impact the lives of many people
Over 22 million people per year experience Connecticut’s cultural attractions.

Cultural Vitality
The New Haven, Stamford and Hartford metropolitan areas ranked in the top ten communities in the number of non-profit arts organizations, community celebrations and festivals and arts jobs in a national 2006 study by the Urban Institute entitled “Cultural Vitality in Communities.”

In 2008 the U.S. Conference of Mayors issued a National Agenda on Arts and Tourism for the Next President of the United States.  The report states, “The arts reflect the diversity of our experiences as individuals and our communities as a whole.  They remind us of our past and help us imagine the future.  The arts and artists of America are our national treasure, that this great nation needs, deserves and must support.”

Artists in the Workforce
Do you know that Connecticut ranks high among the 50 states by numbers of artists in the workforce, with a total of 29,861? According to a recent National Endowment for the Arts study “Artists in the Workforce 1990-2005,” ranks 4th out of 50 states by percentage of artists in the labor force and 7th by number of artists per capita.


Last year, arts and cultural organizations in greater New Haven served more than 1.3 million people through:

1740 performances

2465 classes and workshops

134 exhibits

Arts and cultural organizations employed 150 individuals in full-time positions and over 1000 individuals in part-time and contractual positions.

Business leaders cite the regions’ arts and cultural amenities as important to attracting and retaining employees.