Arts Build Community

The Arts Council helps build a vital arts community where

  • Strong arts organizations create relevant programs
  • Artists are valued and supported
  • Art is part of everyday life, seen and heard in schools and in the streets

This initiative was designed to engage community members in making and experiencing art that is relevant to their lives. We believe that participatory art making experiences can have a profound impact on our community. They can enrich the quality of community life, enhance the lives of individuals, and build connections between people.



Each year, the Arts Council  invites artists, artist collectives and organizations to submit project proposals for engaging the community through art.

2013/2014 Community Engagement Projects

2015 Community Engagement Projects

2016 Community Engagement Projects



For the past three years the Arts Council has collaborated with approximately twenty different social service organizations, presenting artists-led workshops for individuals who are homeless, disabled, in recovery, adapting to life in a new country of life after prison. Last year we organized 11 workshops at 6 social service agencies including UArts Chapel Haven, Marrakesh and East Street Arts, Project M.O.R.E., Vista Life Innovations and Fellowship Place. Participants of the workshops exhibited their work in KNACK, an exhibition that took place at Perspectives the gallery at Whitney Center in Hamden.