Community Engagement 2015

The ‘Bot Buddy’ Storytelling Project

A storytelling and art project on the back of a domino! 

arts for healing

Arts for Healing, a program of the Child Life Department at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, introduces The Bot Project, a community healing arts and storytelling project. A Bot is a robot friend painted on a domino that brings positive powers to whoever holds it.

Bots created by the community share joy, bravery, friendship, care, hope or other positive power with children at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital to help them face things that feel uncertain or scary. Select bots will be given to children receiving care.

To culminate the Bot Buddy Project, artists of all ages or community groups are invited to create a set of 6-12 bots to be exhibited at our bot exchange event on June 6th in conjunction with Arts on the Edge. Each bot should be created on a domino and illustrate a positive power that will improve our lives or strengthen our communities. Submit your bots along with an entry form and description of the positive power you would like to have or share with someone else? What would the power help you or them to do?

Blank dominoes and entry forms may be picked up at the Arts Council for Greater New Haven, 70 Audubon St, New Haven, CT 06510. Please return your domino artwork and entry form by May 1, 2015 to the Arts Council of Greater New Haven or send them to Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital; Child Life, Arts for Healing Program; 20 York Street – SP7-414; New Haven, CT 06510. Click here for more information.



photo by David Sepulveda

photo by David Sepulveda

Krikko Obbot creates portraits of cities on a huge yet intricate scale. His pencil drawings in black and white and in color are drawn on panels that are then assembled to create a panorama as big as 13’ by 19’. UNITING VISIONS is inviting inhabitants of neighborhoods served by branches of the New Haven Free Public Library System to create intimate portraits of their own neighborhoods, from bird’s-eye view to street corner sketch to whatever you see out your window to what you see out of the windows of memory. They are conducting the workshops from March through May at all five library branches. The results will be displayed during the International Festival of Arts And Ideas.



Inspired Songs of New Haven

New Haven is full of beautiful people and places; it’s Adam Christoferson’s desire  to capture them in song. Inspired Songs of New Haven aims to create a volume of original songs written and recorded by local New Haven residents and have them share their song with the community. The goal of this is to generate one original songs from five different groups or individuals, compile the work onto a CD, print 10 copies for each participant and have the participants perform their song in front of a live audience. The target population is the homeless, at risk youth, college student, elderly and veterans.

Cultural Justice Portrait Project

By The Free Artists of New Haven


The Free Artists of New Haven will organize workshops in which youth and adults will come together to create large scale public artwork illustrating Latino and Latina figures selected by the community. Artwork will be displayed in key, visible places around the neighborhood to illustrate and educate about important Latino and Latina cultural and historical figures.

Participants will include youth and adults from the Fair Haven neighborhood who will be actively invited to participate in the entire process of planning and executing workshops, as well as creating the artwork itself.