Membership Transition

The Arts Council of Greater New Haven strives to advance Greater New Haven by providing leadership and support to our diverse creative community. It envisions a thriving arts community at the heart of Greater New Haven, and believes that art, culture, and creativity are fundamental human rights. After one year of listening and reflecting, we are evolving to better serve the community.

You’re the first to hear this news because your sustained commitment to The Arts Council means so much to us.

Please know that your membership is still very important to us and the work we are doing within Greater New Haven’s thriving creative ecosystem, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via 203-773-2788 or email


Free Membership

Your voice matters! The current structure of paid membership limits our ability to hear everyone in the region. So, we will eliminate individual membership fees and maintain many of the same benefits, plus new ways to customize your new Free Membership experience. Targeted outreach initiatives will engage 20,000 members by 2020.


Sustaining Membership

Creative nonprofits are the foundation of our arts community. With overall funding continuing to decline, we will maintain the same fee structure for Sustaining Members but work hard to clarify and bolster their benefits. Recruitment to creative groups, businesses, universities, and municipalities will unite our creative sector together.


Online Arts Hub

Did you know that over 700,000 people participate in the arts annually in our region? Our new Online Arts Hub will provide free digital tools to amplify these experiences. Its initial features are a comprehensive calendar that automatically promotes creative activities to likely audiences and career listings that connect artists looking for work with employers looking for artists.



The strength and vibrancy of the arts sector depends on effective arts journalism, now more than ever. The online ArtsPaper will live within our new Online Arts Hub but serve an independent purpose to explore and investigate arts, culture, and creativity in our community. Without the monthly print publication, this digital-first approach will provide instant, relevant, and accessible multimedia content every day. A new Youth Arts Journalism Initiative will train and publish the voices of high-school students alongside our professional arts writers.



Our leadership developing the Audubon Arts District in downtown New Haven continues with the opening of a new performance space at 70 Audubon Street. This 700 square foot venue will empower our members with flexible seating for events and performances plus top-of-the-line technology for presentations and meetings.


Will I continue to receive the Arts Paper?

Your membership will automatically be made current for the next several months and you will continue to receive The Arts Paper in the mail. However, the July/August Arts Paper will be the last issue we print. We encourage you to visit us online in order to see what’s going on in the region.


Will I receive a theater voucher?

The theater voucher will no longer be a benefit of membership however moving forward we hope to have random prize drawings for the chance to win fun things.


Will I receive a new membership card?

No, we will no longer be printing membership cards.


Will you still be doing an annual member show or have upcoming exhibits?

The Arts Council is no longer presenting exhibits; however, we will be providing a 700 square foot venue that will be available to use at no charge for those looking for space for events, presentations and meetings. And we are always happy to help artists discover spaces to exhibit their work.


Can I continue to list events in the calendar and bulletin board?

Yes, this will continue to function as is until our new digital arts hub is up and running.


What about the e-newsletter?

Yes, you will still receive the e-newsletter and can continue to list your announcements the same way (by emailing


Will you be offering discounts to CAW, NMH, ONE, NHSO, Peabody, Best Video, Fractured Atlas & Docuprint?

No, these will no longer be available under free membership.