Arts Education A wealth of information regarding the country’s best art degrees and the careers that they can lead to

Artscan   Searchable clearinghouse of state arts policies shaping arts education

The Arts Education Partnership announced the release of, the nations’s first online research and policy clearinghouse that documents the educational outcomes of arts learning for students and teachers.

ArtsEdge The Kennedy Center’s free resource for teaching in, through and about the arts

Arts Education Partnership Arts education news, research and resources

Arts Education Advocacy Toolkit for Parents Provides detailed guides for each state that describe exactly what it takes to become a licensed educator with the credentials necessary to teach art at the primary, middle and secondary levels.

Association of Teaching Artists Resources, research, and reflections for artists who teach in schools and the community

Creating Quality: Tools for Improving Arts Education Creating Quality offers a venue for teachers, community educators, artists, principals, researchers, nonprofit and civic leaders, policymakers, and others to learn about, collaborate on, and share strategies for ensuring that our children receive the best possible education.

Every Student Succeeds Act Americans for the Arts’ Arts compiled this list of resources to understand the ARTS component of ESSA, enacted into law in December 2015

The Innovation Collaborative A new, national organization which will network the Arts, Sciences and Humanities in education to promote innovation thinking. An outcome of the National Science Foundation-funded Science, Engineering, Arts, Design (SEAD) network, the Collaborative is led by representatives from a number of national nonprofit organizations and universities, which represent the diverse fields of art and design, science, humanities, and engineering, to explore the use of technology, and creativity, cognition, and learning in both Pre-K-12 and informal settings.

National Core Arts Standards New voluntary National Core Arts Standards have been developed to help guide state and local school districts in creating a unified, quality  K-12 arts education for students. This comprehensive site includes many resources in addition to the standards. An organization whose mission is to inform, empower, and encourage aspiring, new, and veteran teachers.