For more than 50 years, you and other passionate arts advocates have helped transform lives by supporting the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. Thank You!


Adam’s Story


Because of generous supports like you, we are able to help talented artists like Adam make a difference in the lives of so many individuals. Your contribution puts music, dance, visual arts, theatre and more into the hands and hearts of people for whom it is – simply – life-changing.

Your Arts Council is dedicated to ensuring that the arts remain a strong and vital fixture within the communities we serve. Therefore, as we look towards the future, this year the Arts Council has put forward a very ambitious Annual Appeal goal of $25,000.

Your gift to the Arts Council will fund artist outreach, arts institution promotion and community advocacy for the arts. YOU are the reason we can build a strong, vibrant and diverse community here in the “creative capital” of Connecticut.




Please keep in mind as you consider a donation that The Arts Council is eligible to receive corporate matching gifts. Please check with your or your spouse’s company if there is a matching gift program. Just send us the form and we will complete it, return it to the proper department, and be the beneficiary of additional support. It’s that easy!