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Briah’s Story

“The essence and power of art therapy is to break through isolations using art and our community.”

Art therapist Briah Luckey works within our community using therapeutic art to empower individuals through creative expression – supporting well-being, fostering artistic identity, and building community through visual storytelling.

Last year, the Arts Council helped foster a partnership with Briah and the Park Ridge senior housing complex in Westville to present a series of workshops for their residents. Briah says,  the residents of Park Ridge came together and began to develop a sense of artistic competence, where they expressed the rich layers of their life experiences and created together in a respectful and caring environment.”

It is because of your investment that we can help artists like Briah make a difference in the lives of so many people through the power of art.


This year is pivotal – any loss of federal or state funding will have a critical impact on artists like Briah as well as arts organizations your Arts Council serves. Therefore, we need YOUR help during this difficult economic time to strengthen and grow our arts community not only for today, but for future generations to come.


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